Monday, 16 March 2009

My CFL light mod featured on

Just a quick note of thanks to Udi over at for featuring my Halogen to CFL site light modification on his website.

It's a website that I visit often to see what good ideas and tips I can find for making photography kit for a minimum outlay. I'd rather make something and work out whether I really need it or not before spending money on some "proper" kit that I may subsequently find I don't need/ want/ use.

Plus it's always fun to make something and use it to create a great photo although many of mine seem to follow the Edison ethic of discovering 999 ways not to make a lightbulb before the 1000th way becomes clear... no pun intended :)

DIY Halogen to CFL conversion

If you're not familiar with it's an inspirational Photography DIY website run by Udi Tirosh.

In his own words, DIY is:
So to answer the question, why is this site here ( This is my way of sharing the knowledge I have, and trying to help other photographers to make cheap affordable photography equipment.

I hope to provide a place for photographers to share, and learn from each other. To bring cheap studio equipment to those who can't really buy all the expensive stuff out there. And to bring back the joy of making something out of nothing.

and I can say it's made my week to have been mentioned :)


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