Monday, 31 August 2009

Worcester Music Festival 2009

Worcester Music Festival 2009

more to follow...

Well I still haven't had enough spare time to add any info on Worcester Music Festival. Between work and being away at Cheddar Bikefest this weekend I've not had enough time...

I did have a pleasant surprise on Thursday though. The final of the Worcester Music Festival photography competition was held at the Arts Cafe in Worcester (I had two photos in the final 25).

The mayor of Worcester was presenting the prizes. Joe Singh was in 3rd place with his photo of Jason Bowd, David Yanez was 2nd with his photo of Noor from Highway 5. At this point I was chatting to Dan from Calm Like A Riot as I thought that was the end of my potential placing so I didn't hear the Mayor announce that I'd won with my photo of Johnny P. from Calm Like A Riot:


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